LOOK: Justin Bieber’s Engagement Ring For GF Hailey Baldwin Has Mind-Blowing Price


The diamond engagement ring that Justin Bieber gave to his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin has this mind-blowing price.

Hollywood is currently in hype about the recent engagement of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

One of the fuss that brings excitement to their fans is the engagement ring that the singer gave to the model.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
(Photo source: Metro)

Based on the article published in Money section of Time, the price of the engagement ring that Justin gave to Hailey has a mind-blowing price.

A photo of the supposed ring showed that it was hefty, oval-shaped diamond set on a double band.

Reportedly, diamonds and jewelry experts estimated that the engagement ring is around $250,000 or higher.

“It probably set him back at least a quarter million,” Diamond Pro CEO Michael Fried said.

Benjamin Khordipour of Estate Diamond Jewelry said that the price of an engagement ring, or rather the diamond that comes with it, depends on its cut, clarity, color and carat.

“The six- to eight-carat diamond is at least G color and VS1 clarity,” Khordipour said.

With these characteristics, it can be said that the diamond is nearly colorless, and has a nearly flawless finish to the naked eye.

Prices of this kind of ring ranges from $380,000 to $540,000, if it has a higher quality in color and clarity.

In Philippine peso, it is around 20 million to 28 million.

Based on the article, the ring that Justin Bieber gave to Hailey Baldwin is one of the fads when it comes to engagement rings nowadays.

Oval-shaped diamonds are four times more popular now that round diamonds.

Another addition to the trendy factor of Hailey’s engagement ring is the double band.

This also the same design that ‘Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner got from singer Joe Jonas as an engagement ring.


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