DIY: How To Build A Small Pond


How To Build A Small Pond

DIY Small Pond – If you are like me who is a frustrated interior designer, then probably your house is already full of DIY projects. Doing some beautification is really my habit especially when it comes to improving my garden. Commonly, I plant beautiful flowers in bunches to make my garden more pleasant to the eyes, I also usually put some hanging plants to make it even more attractive to some passersby.

I fact, I have done a lot of things just to make my garden look unique and improvised. And now, I decided to put a small garden pond to take my garden to the next level. So I decided to do some research on how to make it and luckily I stumbled upon this video and I’d like to share it with you.

This only requires a little time and a minimal dexterity. For you to create this small pond, first you have to determine the share and the size of your desired pond, then after digging the pit. Line it with a thick plastic sheet, fill it with water in half, and then place the pump in the middle of the pond. After, finish filling the pond with water, then add a small amount of chlorine remover before putting some fish or plants into the water.

Improve your pond by putting some decorative and attractive stones and floating flowers. Or add some aquatic plants to your pond, and as it gets longer the water will become clearer and everything will have a natural outcome.

Just a tip, avoid putting the pond in an area in your garden where it gets too much heat from the sun.

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