Safety For the Rainy Season | Tips to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy


Stay safe and healthy! Follow these tips to keep yourself for the rainy season.

Your primary concern is to have safety for the rainy season. Just be prepared on what will happen when the rain comes in your area.

rainy season
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Do you want to keep yourself safe and healthy but you don’t have any idea? Just follow these tips in order for you to have safety for the rainy season.

Pay Attention To Weather Forecasts

You can stay updated on weather forecast through listening to the radio, watching the news on television, or even look for sites that have real-time forecast online.

Ensure Your Property Against Weather Hazards

Secure your properties (including appliances, personal belongings, food, or clothes) so that you can keep your stress levels very low.

Don’t Touch Wires From Fallen Electricity Poles

Just avoid those wet wires from poles with your hands. You should stay away from water that accumulates around areas with electric poles. Fallen electric wires should be treated as live at all times.

Do Not Support Roofing Materials With Heavy Stones

Strong winds force the roofing materials off, and heavy stones could fall inside the house. Once heavy stones start to fall, there is a possibility that those stones can hit you. Instead of putting stones on the rooftop, just change it and have it tight.

Don’t Use Electrical Gadgets During A Storm

Electrical gadgets, like computers or smartphones, are a good conductor of electricity. Don’t use your gadgets in rainy weather. Make sure you remove electrical gadgets before you hear the first raindrop. Otherwise, after that, it is too late and you could be exposing yourself to lightening.

Take Serious Precautions Against Mosquitos

Mosquitos are harmful insects during that season. Those mosquitos can transmit dengue and this disease can be fatal to adults and children if not treated immediately. According to an article, you must close all windows and doors and wear long-sleeved clothes if you have to be out.

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