PARENTING TIPS: Parents Don’t Know They Have These Bad Traits


These parenting tips concentrate on the bad traits that parents have without realizing

PARENTING TIPS – Parents may not realize but they have these bad traits and here are the things they need to know about these.

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Talk ‘at’ your child instead of talk ‘with’ them

Communication is very important in whatever relationship. When it comes to parent-child communication, this becomes tricky, especially when the child is already growing and starting to have their own opinions. “Toxic parents are known for not listening to their kids, but instead, talking over them or at them. If parents recognize themselves doing this they should make a concerted effort to remain silent and listen, listen, and listen some more,” Barbara Greenberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist said. If your children feel that you are really listening to them, they will confide to you more.

Labeling the child

Dr. Greenberg explains that the day to day routine of parents can be stressful at times. As A result, toxic labels such as lazy, problematic, selfish, and inconsiderate are associated by the parents to their children. These negative identities will also affect negatively the children as they grow up. Based on the article from Readers Digest, parents should focus on the behavior of their children and how to fix them.

You try to be your child’s best friend

Befriending your child can spell disaster, according to the article. For some parents, dressing like their child, befriending their child’s friends (to an inappropriate degree), and even disclosing too much personal information to their child at a young age is okay. A boundary between the roles of the parent and the child should be firmly imposed. This will help the child to feel comfortable and grow to be a mentally healthy adult.

Taking your child’s behavior personally

A point may come that your children may say they don’t like you or worse they hate you. However, parents should not take this personally because it is just a normal phase in the life of a child. Although this can really sting to the heart of parents, they need to move on from this. If not, there is a possibility that you will act immaturely towards your child.

Criticizing your child’s friends

“Toxic parents criticize their child’s friends. If you criticize their friends, you are criticizing your kids. At least, that’s what they take from this behavior. Instead, find out why each of their friends are special to them,” Dr. Greenberg said. So, try not to raise your eyebrows when your child brings home his or her friends.

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