Energy Dept. Aims for 100% Electrification After 4 Years


The Department of Energy aims to make Philippines 100 percent electrified in the year 2020.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is targeting to make the entire Philippines reached by electricity four years from now.

According to DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is setting a 100 percent electrification target for the entire Philippine archipelago in four years.

This is a part of its program to spread the benefits of economic growth to stakeholders at the grassroots level.


Cusi further said the plan also aimed to link all power grids in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao within the six-year term of Mr. Duterte.

In a speech before European businessmen, Cusi said “we are aiming for total electrification of every household throughout our three major islands by 2020.”

“We are also targeting a ‘one-grid Philippines’, with the Mindanao grid finally interlocking with the Visayas and Luzon grids, not later than 2022,” Cusi added.

During the newly-concluded EU-Philippines business summit, the Energy secretary encouraged participants to invest in the power sector in the country to satisfy the growing electricity needs of the local economy.

“Our priorities in the sector remain centered on energy security, with stark focus on increasing supply, improving reliability and resiliency of our energy infrastructure,” said Cusi.

He explained to the participants that policymakers were set to “identify the portfolio of installed and dependable power capacities, specifically for base load, mid-merit and peaking requirements”.

Holding of several energy investment fora and regional energy investment briefings were also planned.

According to the DOE secretary, the projects should enjoy “expeditious and preferential treatment in the permitting process, should be protected from court injunctions, and be entitled to incentives, such as exemption from real property taxes and other local taxes.”

The DOE would also resolve with finality the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant impasse.


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