BPO Companies’ Salary Rate Per Hour Based On Job / Position (List)


List of BPO Companies’ Hourly Salary Rate Depending on Position or Job

BPO COMPANIES’ HOURLY SALARY RATE – Here is a list of the average salary rate per hour of employees in BPO Companies based on job or position.

Among the progressive business fields in the Philippines now is the field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It is where the call center companies belong and more and more call centers are rising now.

Undeniably, BPO companies or call center companies have rapidly built names and conquered the business field in the country. It offers jobs that have attracted a huge part of the populace.

Many Filipinos have worked, are working, and planning to work on call centers. Undeniably, a lot find it as a saving grace from the rate of unemployment in their field as there are no vacancies and job opportunities.

BPO Companies' Salary Rate Per Hour Philippines
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The call center companies is one of those businesses offering high compensation to its employees. Aside from it, it also have benefits and perks and privileges to those who are part of the field.

That is another reason why a lot of people enjoy working in this line of job. The BPO companies’ salary rate per hour is quite high. Here is a list of them based on PayScale:

BPO Companies’ Salary Rate Per Hour Based on Job / Position

Customer Service Representative
Minimum Hourly Rate: Php 60.00
Average Hourly Rate: Php 87.92
Maximum Hourly Rate: Php 74.00

Technical Support Representative
Minimum Hourly Rate: Php 75.00
Average Hourly Rate: Php 82.19
Maximum Hourly Rate: Php 88.00

Customer Service Associate
Minimum Hourly Rate: Php 73.00
Average Hourly Rate: Php 85.40
Maximum Hourly Rate: Php 92.00

Workforce Management Analyst
Minimum Hourly Rate: Php 115.00
Average Hourly Rate: Php 172.00
Maximum Hourly Rate: Php 957.00

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
Hourly Rate: Php 395.00

Call Center Agent
Hourly Rate: Php 75.00

Software Engineer
Hourly Rate: Php 196.00

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Data by PayScale


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