Max Restaurant Franchise – How To Apply For Max’s Restaurant Franchise


Guide on How To Apply for Max Restaurant Franchise

MAX RESTAURANT FRANCHISE – Here is a guide on how to apply for the franchise of Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines.

Nowadays, if you want your money to grow, safekeeping it may not be the best option. Although there is a risk if you will consider investing it, along with it is also a chance that your money will grow several folds.

When it comes to investment, you can invest it in a property, in an insurance policy, in a business, etc. There are a lot of options. Most people would consider investing in a business.

If you want to put up a business, you may consider franchising a brand that has already built a name. In that way, you will surely get a pie from its total avid customers. You may consider a Max’s Restaurant franchise being one of the best options.

Max Restaurant Franchise

A lot of people like and are comfortable to eat at the Max’s Restaurant. In fact, almost all its branches in shopping malls are usually full most especially during lunch and dinner time. Its chicken is truly one of a kind.

In franchising Max’s Restaurant, the Max’s Group Inc. has set five (5) steps from the application to the awarding of the franchise for the approved applicants. Here is the procedure in franchising this international restaurant:

Step 1 – Submit a letter of intent to MGI. You can download a template of the letter of intent from the official website of Max’s Group –

Step 2 – Obtain and accomplish the franchise application form. The form will be given to you upon the submission and the evaluation of your LOI.

Step 3 – Have a meeting with MGI. The company will schedule a meeting or interview for the evaluation of your qualification to franchise and as well as to review your application.

Step 4 – If you passed the interview, your franchise application including your proposed site will be approved.

Step 5 – You will be awarded with the franchise upon the approval of your application for Max’s Restaurant franchise.

You may want to know how much you must prepare in franchising Max’s Restaurant. Here is a guide – MAX’S RESTAURANT FRANCHISE – Franchise Fee & Total Investment Cost.

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