Health Benefits of Ampalaya (Bittermelon)


Health Benefits of Ampalaya

Ampalaya is one of the most common or well known vegetable here in the Philippines. Despite of its bitter taste it has a lot of nutrients that’s beneficial for our physical body.


It is a kind of vegetable that is famous and abundant to every Filipino. It is called bitter melon or Momordica charantia it grown on a tropical climate country like Philippines.It is the bitterest vegetable in the world and has a wriggled appearance. People cook Ampalaya with  the variety of other food like meat and etc.


Ampalaya commonly cooked as vegetables, some are using this fruit for medical purposes on treating some ailments like diabetes. Now a day it has been extracted and powdered then packed in dietary or supplemental pills.

Bittermelon is good for people who have rheuma, high blood pressures, and other illnesses. Here are some beneficial health properties of ampalaya:

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