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Tawa-Tawa Tea Amazing Health Benefits To The Body

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Tawa-Tawa Tea Amazing Health Benefits To The Body

Tawa-Tawa tea amazing health benefits to the body. It is also called as Euphorbia Hirta that is effective in for treating many diseases in the body.

This plant is a hairy herbaceous plant that can usually found on the side of the road, houses, or even in any part of a tropical country like the Philippines. Euphorbia Hirta is commonly used as medicinal herb due to its unique chemical structure that contains a numerous number of nutrients that as powerful effects in the body.

For over a thousand of years this plant was used traditionally  for medicinal purposes and in this modern days, the study on this plan is conducted to discover all of its potential health benefits in the human body.

Tawa-Tawa Tea

The leaves, flowers, and sap of this herbaceous plant are all useful in their own ways. This is also called as “Asthma Leaves” because it is effective in treating asthma. Aside from treating asthma, it can treat a numerous type of infections and diseases in the body.

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