Health Benefits Of Eating Mahogany Seeds

Mahogany seeds are very common everywhere but eating its seeds sound weird right? But it has medicinal properties that are beneficial to the body.

It is a kind of word that usually grown in tropical climate countries such as the Philippines. It is very popular worldwide because of the quality of its wood but the seeds of its fruit have also a great purpose for the body’s health.

Its fruit is also known as “Sky fruit” seeds which have a bitter taste and couldn’t like by anyone who will eat this seeds. Mahogany fruit was also used as herbs because it can reduce various health issues.

Mahogany Seeds

These seeds were tested and proven useful, helpful, and beneficial to the body’s health. It contains numerous nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can treat and prevent several types of diseases such as:

Menstrual Pain

Eating mahogany fruit on the first day of menstruation can alleviate the pain experiencing by women during their menstrual cycle.

Cure Constipation

Its seeds are good for those who suffers from constipation. Mahogany has good health benefits that can treat constipation.

Controlling Blood Sugar

Mahogany seeds contain a substance called ‘Saponins’ which has a positive effect that can help a person with high blood sugar to reduce their sugar levels through consumption of mahogany seeds.

Healthy Heart

Its seeds serve as a natural treatment which promotes good health for the heart and a better blood circulation due to the combination of various nutrients in mahogany seeds.

Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease

Adding pieces of mahogany seeds powder in a cup of milk can reduce Alzheimer’s even though this disease can’t be cured.

Lack of Appetite

These seeds have the ability to increase a person’s appetite and also helps those who wants to gain more weight.

Level of Pregnancy

Mahogany fruit can increase the woman’s capability to be pregnant and to start a family. Some women were unable to get pregnant due to impotence but mahogany flesh consumption can increase the chances of fertility.

Insect Deterrent

Its seeds can be also used in making an antidote to spray on insects.

Mahogany Seeds

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