Banana Tea – Way More Effective Than Sleeping Pills


Banana Tea For Sleeping Disorder

Banana Tea – Do you know what are the causes why are having sleeping disorders or sometimes insomnia? Well, it’s your habit that makes the situation even worse; blood pressure pills, stress, frequent use of phones, pain relievers, late night sleep, and anxiety are the main reason why you are encountering such problems.

Banana Tea

Let us always remember that whatever we do, whatever we intake in our body, reflects our overall being.

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Your doctors might give you some medications that can make your sleeping habit back to its normal state or could help you fall asleep faster, of course, the need to urinate also increase, which leads to sometimes anxiety that hinders your sleep.

But wait, we have something for you that can surely save your sleeping problem. No need to buy some expensive pill or pay some specialist, just follow this banana tea recipe and you’ll surely improve your sleeping routine.

Behold, the Banana tea.  (See the recipe below 🙂

Since GMO is not good all because it contains pesticides and harmful chemicals, we recommend you to use ONLY organic bananas.

And for this tea recipe, don’t throw the peels because you will need it for it is rich in magnesium and potassium that is vital for muscle and encouraging sleep.

Here’s what you gonna need for mixture:

  • A clean water in a small pot
  • 1 banana (organic)
  • Cinnamon (optional)


Cut the both ends of the organic banana.

In a pot with a boiling water, out the unpeeled part of the banana then boil the mixture for 10 minutes.

Strain the mixture into a cup, then add cinnamon for flavoring (optional).

Note: Drink the mixture one hour before going to bed.

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