Cumin Powder For Speeding Up Metabolism And Effective Spice To Weight Loss And Prevent Obesity


Cumin Spice For Lossing Weight

If you are looking for a way to lose weight effectively then this article is just perfect for you! Actually, there are a lot of ways on how to lose weight and to speed up your metabolism is the best among others. There are also a lot of medicines and natural foods that can actually help us achieve that perfect fit body we want.

cumin lose weight

But let us always put in our mind that if we want to make our metabolism works faster, then we should pay attention to the spices that we are using.

In a study conducted by the scientists of the Medical Science University of Iran, they have gathered 88 women who have to weigh problems especially those who have excess weights. The participants were divided into 2 groups.

Both groups were eating less than 500 calories of healthy foods a day and the only different in the experiment is the spices that is being use for their diet.

The first group was consuming 3 grams of cumin each day.  They are mixing 140 grams of yogurt with cumin and eat it every morning on an empty stomach.

The other group, also eat yogurt but with no cumin.

As the experiment ends, the first group got an amazing result where after 1 month they have lost 14 pounds more than what the second group has achieved. They have lost 14.64% fat while the other group got 4.91% loss of fat.

The study shows that cumin contains a high filosterole which is good for preventing and retention of cholesterol in our body. This is the very reason why cumin is good to speed up our metabolism and is good for weight loss.

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