Coffee Is Good For Health One’s Health, New Study Says


Good news for Coffee Drinkers

Coffee has been part of the daily life of people. A new research has proved that drinking coffee often won’t lead to heart palpitations but pointed out that it is good for the health.


An article written in The Telegraph shows a study done by the University of California-San Francisco, the largest to assess the relationship between dietary patterns and extra heartbeats.

Dr. Gregory Marcus led at research claimed that clinical recommendations advising against the regular consumption of caffeinated products to prevent disturbances of the heart’s cardiac rhythm should be given reconsideration as it has cardiovascular benefits.

According to the research team, the study included 1,388 people having an average age of 72 wherein about 60 percent of the participants drank a certain caffeinated product every single day.

The research team tried to measure the instance of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) that starts in the lower chambers of the heart and the premature atrial contractions (PACs) which starts in the upper chambers of the heart, but, the researchers have found no evidence that the consumption of caffeine caused them to occur often.

As explained by the study authors, studies before did not use PACs or PVCs as a primary outcome and examined patients with known arrhythmias.

The study has found that the consumption of coffee is related to the lowering the risk of type 2 [email protected] mellitus and other cardiovascular risk factors like depression and 0besity.

The article added that coffee has been among the most common beverages being consumed in the United States and is the main source of caffeine intake among adults.

Thus, one can conclude that consuming coffee can add up more years in life.

Will you drink more coffee after knowing this? Remember to drink moderately.

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