LEAST VISITED COUNTRIES – 10 Countries Rarely Visited & their Surprising Number of Tourists Per Year


List of 10 Least Visited Countries & their Surprising Number of Visitors Annually

LEAST VISITED COUNTRIES – Here is a list of ten(10) rarely visited countries and their surprising visitors count every year.

A lot of people are into traveling. Undeniably, although it may cost you a lot of money, it can bring you the best priceless experiences you’ll surely be glad to have.

In getting to a foreign place, you will get to experience a different culture, see different places, and meet people from different walks of life. You will surely learn a lot form it.

Most people nowadays are into both local and international trips. In the case of the latter, among the countries that many people want to visit are the United States of America, France, Mexico, and China among others.

However, while there are places that are widely visited by people from different countries, there are also these least visited countries. In fact, you might be surprised to know that some of them actually exist.

Least Visited Countries
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Based on an article in Atlas and Boots, these countries are rarely visited by tourists due to security reasons, the state of urbanization in the place, and for other several reasons. But, these places surely have the best things to offer too like the other nations.

According to the article, here is a list of the ten(10) least visited countries and their surprising visitors count:

1. Tuvalu

Location: North of Fiji
Annual Visitors: 2,000

2. Marshall Islands

Location: North of the Equator
Annual Visitors: 6,000

3. Kiribati

Location: Third Pacific Island
Annual Visitors: 6,000

4. Guinea-Bissau

Location: West Coast of Africa
Annual Visitors: 22,000

5. Solomon Islands

Location: South Pacific
Annual Visitors: 26,000

6. Comoros

Location: Indian Ocean off the Eastern Coast of Africa
Annual Visitors: 28,000

7. Sao Tome & Principe

Location: Africa
Annual Visitors: 29,000

8. Micronesia

Location: Western Pacific Ocean
Annual Visitors: 30,000

9. Djibouti

Location: Africa
Annual Visitors: 51,000

10. Sierra Leone

Location: West Africa
Annual Visitors: 54,000


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