Duterte Promises Two New Choppers To PH Coast Guard


Duterte Promises Two New Choppers, PCG

Two New Choppers – President Rodrigo Duterte promised to give the Philippine Coast Guard two new helicopters for its search and rescue operations.

According to PCG Spokesperson Armand Balilo, Duterte vowed the delivery of the new choppers as they toured the BRP Tubbataha during the 115th anniversary of the PCG last October 13.

“I heard President Duterte say ‘You will get it.’ President Duterte assured the Commandant that we would get the two helicopters that were already included in the budget but was not signed before the term of former President Simeon Benigno Aquino III ended on June 30,” Balilo said as quoted in a report by GMA News.

pcg two new choppers

The said promise by Duterte was done after Commandant Rear Admiral William Melad told him about that the PCG would need two helicopters to level-up its search and rescue operations.

According to Balilo, the said upcoming helicopters were to be used in the said maritime operations by the PCG.

“These could be utilized in the conduct of air drop of relief goods, dropping of rescue swimmers, immediate medical evacuation of a ship’s crew member out at sea, and air evacuation of people trapped on roofs and in trees during calamities,” he said.

The Philippine government will have 10 Japanese vessels by 2018 worth 8.8 billion pesos, as well as two brand new 90-metter multi-role response vessels.

These vessels are said to be patrolling the disputed South China Sea.

Meanwhile, the strengthening of the Philippine Army and the Philippine Coast Guard is part of the goal of patrolling and protecting the water territory of the country as China have done ‘intimidation tactics’ in the disputed waters, the West Philippine Sea.

China didn’t comply with the ruling The Hague in favor of the Philippines, saying, that there is no historical proof that China owns most of the West Philippine Sea as it claims.


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