Davao City Should Be The Philippines’ Capital-Kababayan Representatives


Representatives from Kababayan Party-list filed a bill which proposed that Davao City will be the capital of Philippines

Kababayan Party-list Representatives Ron Salo and Ciriaco Calalang proposed a Bill that would transfer the country’s capital to Davao City.

The two lawmakers filed the House Bill 6968 or the “Philippine Capital Relocation Act of 2018.”

They pointed out that this idea was based from two giant nations in the world, USA and China, where the government capital is separate from other centers.

Davao City as PH capital

They want Davao City to be the country’s capital while Metro Manila will remain as the economic or finance center of the Philippines.

“In the USA, Washington D.C. is the country’s political capital, while New York is its financial capital. In China, Beijing is the country’s political capital, while Shanghai is its financial capital,” the Kababayan Representatives said.

This will intend the transfer of location of the presidential palace, vice presidential palace, Senate, House of Representatives, Constitutional Offices, and national offices of government agencies to Davao City.

Based on the report of Rappler, this Bill is to address the Manila Imperialism to decongest Metro Manila and to provide the countryside a better chance for development.

P1 Billion will be allocated as the budget for implementing the proposal and this will be taken from the Presidential Savings of the current fiscal year, based on the Section 9 of the bill.

In addition, the lawmakers said that the bill will prevent the problem in continues increase of population due to uncontrolled migration.

They also intend to address the issue about the factors that hinder further development such as congestion and urban blight.

When it comes to the official residence of the President, still it is going to be the Malacañang Palace and Baguio City remains as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, based on the report.


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