Chinese New Year: 14 Things To Do To Boost Your Luck This 2018


Are you ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2018?

CHINESE NEW YEAR – The Chinese New Year celebration is fast approaching and there are 14 things that you can do to improve your luck.

The preparations for the upcoming Chinese New Year on February 16 are already ongoing now. Although majority of the people in the Philippines are Filipinos, lots of Chinese people are residing in the country that’s why the Chinese New Year is celebrated in the different areas of the nation.

Based on a recent feature report in Rappler, there are 14 things that you can do to improve your luck this 2018. The source got the information from feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez.

Chinese New Year
Photo lifted from The Sun (EPA)

Here are the 14 things that you can do before, during, and after the Chinese New Year to improve your luck this year of the dog:

  1. Get a new haircut or have your hair trimmed.

The good days to have a new haircut or have your hair trimmed is either on February 3, February 7, or February 10. You can have your hair trimmed or on a “full-on” chop.

  1. Take some sweets.

To improve your luck this 2018, based on Chinese belief, one of the ways is through filling your tummy with something sweet just like Tikoy, the traditional food eaten during the Chinese New Year.

  1. Wear clothes having a bright color.

You can wear a clothing that is either red, yellow, orange, or pink in color on Chinese New Year’s eve or during other fun celebrations.

  1. Take a bath in pomelo water.

Based on the report, Fernandez recommends that you take a bath in pomelo water to cleanse yourself on February 15 to remove bad luck and bad energy.

  1. Give away old clothes and throw non-working gadgets.

It is suggested to give away the clothes that were not used for two to three years already and to throw away gadgets that are no longer working.

  1. Give away ang pao.

Based on the report, one way to improve your luck is to give away ang pao or the red envelopes with money. Grandparents and parents should give it to their children.

  1. Clean your house.

Clean your house on February 1st and as well as your garden. Throw the clutters and take away the weeds.

  1. Prepare fruits and flowers for decoration.

Based on the report, another way to boost your luck is to prepare apples, pomelo, grapes, oranges, and pineapples. Also, bring out beautiful flowers for decoration.

  1. Eat your first lucky meal after midnight.

You can have your first lucky meal right after the midnight. Based on the report, the Chinese New Year celebration at the Grand Hyatt Manila in BGC begins at 10 in the evening.

  1. Give thanks.

On February 9, regardless of religion, give thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon you on the previous year.

  1. Make some noise.

Based on the report, to boost your luck this 2018, make some noise when the midnight strikes on February 15.

  1. Be with your loved ones.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration with the people you love on February 16. Stay away from negativities and be happy, optimistic, and calm.

  1. Do some rearrangement on the placing of your furniture.

You can check out the feng shui of your office or home and rearrange your furniture based on the advice of the feng shui master.

  1. Participate in joyous celebrations.

Attend joyful celebrations just like birthdays, baptisms, weddings, and other happy events to have a great year ahead.


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