Manny Pacquiao Slammed By Netizens For Stating National Anthem’s Title As ‘Bayang Magiliw’


Netizens slammed Senator Manny Pacquiao for calling the Philippine National Anthem as ‘Bayang Magiliw’ instead of ‘Lupang Hinirang’.

Senator Manny Pacquiao who is also tagged as the ‘Pambansang Kamao’ for his international success as a boxer received a lot of criticisms from netizens for misquoting the Philippine National Anthem when he referred to it as ‘Bayang Magiliw’.

In an interview which was posted by DZBB’s Nimfa Ravelo, the lawmaker was stating about his plan to promote patriotism in the country especially among the younger citizens of the country.

Bayang Magiliw, Manny Pacquiao Philippine National Anthem

“May naisip nga ako, gusto kong magpanukala, mag-file dito sa Se­nate ng bill na ibalik ‘yung patriotism natin sa school. Kasi, nawala na, eh. Karamihan sa atin, Pilipino magtraydor sa kanyang kapwa at magtraydor sa kanyang bansa. So, we should teach that, ‘yung patriotism na mayroon tayong loyalty sa ating bansa”, Pacquiao started his statement.

What was supposed to be a view to show the love for the country received different reactions from netizens when the lawmaker from Saranggani continued his statement.

“Kaya nga minsan, pag kumakanta ako ng ‘Bayang Magiliw’, naiiyak ako because mahal natin ang bansa natin dahil dito tayo, anuman ang mangyari, wala tayong ibang pupuntahan kungdi dito rin,” he said.

Due to his mistake of calling the Philippine National Anthem as ‘Bayang Magiliw’ instead of ‘Lupang Hinirang’, many netizens slammed him.

There is one netizen who even said that what the Senator said was an insult to Day Care students.

Another one slammed him for talking about patriotism when he does not even know the title of the National Anthem.

One netizen even cited that the Senator should teach himself first before relating to others the topic about patriotism.


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