Will President Duterte Give Up Philippines’ Claims In South China Sea?


Will the Philippines give up claims in the South China Sea?

After President Rodrigo Duterte attended the Boao Forum in China, the idea that he will eventually give up the claims over South China Sea which is also called as the West Philippine Sea has crossed in the minds of many Fiipinos.

President Rodrigo Duterte
(Business Insider)

The Philippines won its claim to some islands in South China Sea in the Arbitral Court in The Hague in June 2016.

This was backed by the United Nations as former President Benigno S. Aquino III filed the case.

On the other hand, in the term of Duterte, he wants to have a cooperation policy with China.

The Asian giant claims 80 percent of South China Sea but this intrudes the 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines and it stands firm to its claim before the Arbital Court.

With this conflicting claims, the only possible solution is war but the two countries have decided to o cooperate and work together for mutual economic benefit, based on the article published in Manila Bulletin.

South China Sea

It was said that the President declared that Philippines will work together with China against terrorism, illegal drugs, and criminality. Aside from that the Asian giant will also help the Philippine government in its “Build, Build, Build” project.

There are also plans for joint exploration of mineral resources in the South China Sea.

It has been pointed out by Duterte at the start of his administration that enforcing the claims of the Philippines on South China Sea would mean war that we cannot win. He said that there might be a right time for that but not now.

In the midst of this policy of cooperation between Philippines and China, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alan Peter Cayetano stressed out that the Philippines is not giving up its claims in the South China Sea, based on the article.


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