Total Lunar Eclipse Is Expected To Be Witnessed On July 28


Mark your calendars for the total lunar eclipse this July 28

The Philippines will witness a total lunar eclipse that is expected to happen this coming July 28, 2018.

This rare lunar phenomenon is set to display a natural work of art that will surely amaze many spectators.

Based on a Twitter post of CNN Philippines, the country will witness the total lunar eclipse starting 1:13 in the morning of the aforementioned date.

Total Lunar Eclipse
(Photo source: YouTube)

Those who are inclined in astronomy or those who are just curious how this lunar phenomenal happens have the chance to see it.

According to, the second total lunar eclipse this year can be seen in large parts of  Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

It is expected to last for 103 minutes. With this record, it is considered to be the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

This phenomenon is also called as Blood Moon. This is due to the moon’s appearance in visible reddish-orange glow.

When the eclipse will happen, the moon is also at its farthest from the Earth. This will result to the appearance of the moon smaller than the usual.

During that time that it will happen, it can also be called as the Blood Micro Moon eclipse.

The animation below shows the places where the total lunar eclipse will be more visible during a certain period of time.

In addition to this spectacular sight, it is also said that Mars can be easily seen with a naked eye on July 27/28 because it will be closed to the eclipsed Moon.

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(Sources: CNN Philippines,


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