TOP OPM SONGS 2019 – List of Top 10 Most Played Songs As Of June 2019


List of the Top Songs this 2019

TOP SONGS – Here is a list of the Top 10 most played songs as of June 2019.

Undeniably, most of the Filipino people are music lovers. We are into listening to songs to soothe our emotions, to calm our clouded minds, to gain courage, and for a lot more reasons.

Most songs speak of the things that we cannot say or things that we can relate to, that is why songs usually never fail to build a connection with the listener.

Are you also one of those people who love to sit down at the corner, put their headsets on, and listen to songs?

Top Songs 2019
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Among the thousands of songs in the field of music, there are these songs that hook a lot of people. Here is a list of the Top 10 songs that are the most played as of June 1, 2019:

Top 1
Song: Mr. Nice Guy
Artist: Iñigo Pascual and Wengie

Top 2
Song: Regrets
Artist: Julie Anne San Jose

Top 3
Song: Dalaga
Artist: Allmost

Top 4
Song: Abot Langit
Artist: Maris Racal and Rico Blanco

Top 5
Song: Take It Easy
Artist: Janella Salvador

Top 6
Song: Balang Araw
Artist: I Belong to the Zoo

Top 7
Song: Hindi Na Nga
Artist: This Band

Top 8
Song: Ikaw Lang at Ako
Artist: Kyline Alcantara

Top 9
Song: Kakayanin Kaya
Artist: Maymay Entrata

Top 10
Song: Maleta
Artist: Gloc-9 Featuring Julie Ann San Jose

Based on the list of the Top Songs 2019, among the Filipino singers who have more than one(1) most played songs is actress-singer Julie Ann San Jose.

List: Most Played Songs

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