Guide on How To Check If You Can Renew Your Home Credit Cash Loan

RENEW HOME CREDIT CASH LOAN – Are you planning to renew your loan with Home Credit Philippines in case it is available?

Home Credit Philippines has come a long way in just a few years. Undeniably, it rapidly rose to fame as many Filipino people are hooked to its loan offers. It provides a quick and affordable way of getting your target gadget, furniture, appliance, etc.

You can bring home your target gadget, appliance, furniture, etc. through the Home Credit Product Loan. You only have to prepare for the downpayment which is at least 30% of the selling price and you can visit the store where you plan to buy it for the loan application.

Most shopping malls and the stores inside it got Home Credit agents that are on the duty to assist customers in their application. Meanwhile, if you are not into purchasing a product, you may also apply for Home Credit Cash Loan which caters flexible purposes.

Home Credit Cash Loan

Under the Home Credit loan offer, both existing clients and new clients may apply. Do you want to know how much you can borrow under it? You may visit – HOME CREDIT LOAN – Minimum & Maximum Amounts You Can Borrow.

There are only minimal eligibility qualifications in applying for the said cash loan offer. To be eligible, the applicant must:

  • having a stable source of income
  • of legal age
  • having two (2) valids IDs with one bearing an address and one issued by the government

How about if you already have an existing Home Credit Cash Loan and you want to renew your loan? According to the lending firm, you may apply for another loan provided that there is an offer. You can check it through the app of the lending company which is downloadable from its official website.

Using the said app, you can keep track of your existing loan(s) including your balance, your next payment schedule, and the number of monthly contributions posted. Do you want to download it and check if there is a cash loan offer? You may visit –

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