China imposes curfews on minors playing video games


China recently imposed curfews on minors by banning children from late-night games in order for the government to combat addiction that “harming the physical and mental health of minors”.

combat addiction
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As released Tuesday by the National Press and Publication Administration, minor gamers are now banned from playing online games from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. In order for the government to combat addiction, these minors were allowed to play for only 90 minutes (equivalent to one hour and 30 minutes) per day and they’re also allowed to play for three hours on weekends and public holidays.

Also included in the said regulation was the limitation of spending money on online games amounting to 200 yuan (equivalent to $29) a month for ages 8-16; while 400 yuan (equivalent to $57) a month for ages 16-18. Minors will be required to use their real names and identification numbers in order to log on to play online games.

According to an unnamed spokesperson for the press and publication administration, online gaming companies are required to follow the regulations set by China as these regulations may serve as a “guide” for the minors’ parents.

According to Xinhua, a news agency in China, these regulations were “guided by” President Xi Jinping’s concept of socialism.

We will also gradually improve and enrich the functions of an identification system to share gaming time data across platforms, so we can know and restrict the total time every minor spends on gaming across platforms,” the spokesperson added in their statement.

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