Cebu Pacific is the Most Improved Airline for 2020


Geoffrey Thomas, the editor-in-chief of, congratulated Cebu Pacific as the airline was awarded as “Most Improved Airline for 2020”.
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Cebu Pacific has become a major part of the fabric of life in the Philippines bringing affordable travel to most,” Geoffrey Thomas said. “The airline has a very modern fleet and operationally is now up there with the best.

The airline made a lot of changes in order to improve their flights – and that made Cebu Pacific as the Most Improved Airline for 2020 of

Recently, the Cebu Pacific Airlines signed a firm order with Airbus for a 16 long-range A330neo aircrafts. “The A330neo is integral to our fleet modernization program,” Lance Gokongwei, chief executive of Cebu Pacific who was the son of the late tycoon John Gokongwei, Jr., said as the order was announced.

The airline also planned to operate the aircraft on trunk routes within Asia and on longer-range services to the Middle East and Australia as well.

With this purchase, we aim to reduce our fuel emission and build a more sustainable operation,” Lance Gokongwei said. “This will also give us the lowest cost per seat, at the same time enabling CEB to increase seat capacity and maximize valuable airport slots in Manila and other Asian megacities.”

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