APPLYING FOR FLEXI FINANCE LOANS – List of IDs Accepted in Applying


Guide on the List of IDs in Applying for Flexi Finance Loans

APPLYING FOR FLEXI FINANCE LOANS – Here is a list of the identification cards (IDs) that are accepted under the application for Flexi Finance loans.

One of the lending firms that recently rose to fame in the Philippines is Flexi Finance. Undeniably, the said company’s progress in the country is abrupt. A huge part of the Filipino population is familiar to it.

Flexi Finance has booths and agents in almost all shopping malls in the country. The agents assist those who wanted to apply for a loan – a product loan or a cash loan. Both are well-sought offers.

If you need some money to fund something, you may apply for the Flexi Finance Cash Loan. It can be obtained through an SMS invitation from the lending company.

Applying for Flexi Finance Loans

On another side, if you are into purchasing a product but you are not yet ready to pay for it in full, you may have it under the Flexi Finance Product Loan. You only need to prepare a small amount for the downpayment and the lending company will pay for the rest of the balance.

After obtaining the money or the product, the repayment will be done on a monthly basis. Still, the client will be given options on how long he or she wanted to pay for the loan.

One excellent feature why many are into applying for Flexi Finance loans is that it is quick and easy. There are only a few eligibility and documentary requirements. With regards to the former, the client must be between 18-68 years old. Under the latter, the client must prepare two (2) valid IDs. Here is a list of the IDs accepted in applying:

  • SSS
  • TIN
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License

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