Donald Trump Becomes The Third President To Be Impeached In US History


Donald Trump became the third president in US history to be impeached after the House of Representatives voted on two charges against him last Wednesday, December 18 (Washington time).

Donald Trump
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The House of Representatives passed the first article, which was accusing Trump of abusing his power as a president of the US, on a 230-197 vote. The House also passed the second article, which was the obstruction of Congress, on a 229-198 vote.

This, after Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealing the results for both articles for impeachment against Donald Trump. Yet, Nancy warned Democrats not to celebrate in the meantime.

The first article of impeachment, which was the abuse of power, alleged that Trump pressured Ukraine to obstruct in the 2020 election by covering up hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid. The second article of impeachment, which was the obstruction of Congress, was tied to Trump instructing executive branch agencies and officials not to submit with congressional subpoenas.

The Senate will hold a trial on whether to convict Donald Trump of the two articles of impeachment and remove him from office, which will happen in January next year. Yet House Democrats said that it was important to impeach Trump regardless of what the Senate did.

The President cannot be given the perception that Congress doesn’t have the courage to do what the Constitution requires and protect the balance of power and let the president know that there are boundaries,” Democratic House Rep. Al Green told BuzzFeed News.

Were you also confused by the impeachment process? This flowchart might help you understand the proceedings.

Trump Impeachment Flow
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