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Sunday, October 24, 2021

13-Year-Old Arrested For Not Wearing Mask, Cop Files Blotter Vs Kid

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Tanods, Police Arrested 13-Year-Old Kid For Not Wearing Mask, Files Blotter

13-YEAR-OLD ARRESTED – A child was arrested by tanods and police for not wearing a face mask in Malabon on Friday night.

According to a report from ABS-CBN, the child was told to get garlic just a few feet away from their neighbor. However, the barangay tanod and police who was roaming their street caught the kid without a face mask.

Then and there, they decided to arrest him. However, it is clearly stated that minors can’t be arrested if they broke quarantine protocols under the guidelines set by the government. Despite the please from the kid’s family, the 13-year-old was still brought to barangay hall for blotter.

13-Year-Old Arrested For Not Wearing Mask, Cop Files Blotter Vs Kid
Image from: NBC

Aside from this, the police also took his fingerprints and mugshots of the child. The police even joked that he now has a new profile picture for his Facebook account. Aside from this, they fined him with P5000 which was lowered to P1000.

But, as per the report, the Baranggay didn’t give a statement regarding the issue. Along with this, the police who arrested the child also declined to talk.

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