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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pasig City Gives Cash Incentives To Graduates With Latin Honors

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Pasig City Gives Cash Incentives To Scholars Who Graduated With Latin Honors

PASIG CITY GIVES CASH INCENTIVES – Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto recently announced that they have begun distribution of cash incentives for scholars graduating with Latin Honors.

Truly, the accomplishments of these students weren’t possible without the help of the city and its taxpayers. As such, Sotto reminded them that they should also find ways to reciprocate the help for the city.

In his official Facebook page, the young Mayor said:

We also reminded them that as the city and its taxpayers have helped them get through college, they should also find ways to give back to the city… whether it is through their time, volunteer work, or even helping other students when they become financially capable.

Pasig City Gives Cash Incentives To Graduates With Latin Honors
Image from: Vico Sotto | Facebook

For students who graduated as Summa Cum Laude, a cash incentive of 30K would be given. Meanwhile, Magna Cum Laudes received 25k, and Cum Laudes got 20k.

Furthermore, 11 graduates received the incentives this morning. Along with this, Sotto said that scholars who have yet to receive their incentives may still send their requirements to the Scholarship Office.

Here are some of the comments of Netizens on the topic:

Congratulations to the graduate & those w/honors.and syiempre kay MAYOR VICO FOR ALL THE GOOD DID FOR PASIGUENOS!PASIGUENOS,UMAAGOS ANG PAG ASA!

GOOD GOVERNANCE influences bright talented students more! Love you po! MAYOR VICO !! And for all your efforts… you will soon be in the highest position of the land!! In God’s time!!

Wow!! I was so amazed by these students. I feel like they are so inspirational. And for their incentives, they really deserved it. Thank you also to all taxpayers there. I am not a Pasigueño but I’m just so proud. This is very great to know Mayor!

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