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Iloilo City Mayor Camp Clash with Elected Councilor During Proclamation

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Commotion Sparks Between Iloilo City Mayor Camp and Newly Elected Councilor

An intense commotion sparked between the camps of re-elected Iloilo City Mayor and a newly elected councilor during the proclamation.

Reelected Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas and elected councilor Plaridel Nava argued over the proclamation, which was held in the Jubilee Hall in Iloilo city. This comes after Mayor Jerry Treas’ bodyguard was approached and assaulted by City Councilor Plaridel Nava, who videotaped the incident.

Iloilo Mayor Councilor Proclamation

Bombo Radyo confirmed pushing the stated bodyguard in his interview with Nava, but Nava claimed he did so because the mayor’s bodyguards provoked him. He claimed the bodyguards were planning to approach him.

This was despite the fact that the candidates’ bodyguards were not permitted to attend the place of the announcement. Treas, on the other hand, was disappointed. Trenas and Nava had been at odds for quite some time, it was discovered.

Treas welcomed presumptive President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. while supporting Vice President Leni Robredo in the May 9 national elections. Treas had long boasted that Iloilo City was ‘pink,’ referring to the Robredo campaign’s pink color.

Robredo received 149,256 votes in Iloilo City, which was lower than many expected. Marcos received 85,117 votes in Iloilo City, while Manny Pacquaio received 7,978 votes.

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