South Korea Reports First Filipino COVID-19 Patient


South Korea reported its first Filipino COVID-19 patient, according to the Philippine Embassy.

South Korea reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case involving a Filipino citizen, according to the Philippine Embassy.

This, as a Filipino-based patient in South Korea was confirmed to have caught the coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

According to South Korea’s CDC, 87 new cases were detected on Friday, bringing the total confirmed COVID-19 cases to 8,652. Also, South Korea’s CDC reported that its death toll stood at 94.

South Korea
Photo from AFP News

According to the Philippine Embassy, the Filipino patient traveled overseas before exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, adding that the patient was tested at a hospital in South Korea on Thursday and was confirmed to be “positive” for coronavirus disease on Friday.

The Philippine Embassy also said that the Embassy was already in close coordination with the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as local health authorities and “stands ready to extend assistance to the COVID-19 positive Filipino national as needed.”

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