Atom Araullo Expressed Rage Against Marcos Through ‘Citizen Jake’


‘Citizen Jake’ is the way of Atom Araullo to express his rage against Marcos

Journalist Atom Araullo expressed rage against former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos through his first ever movie ‘Citizen Jake’.

Araullo is not just known because of his critically-acclaimed documentaries and reports but also because of his brave stand for what he believes.

Atom Araullo
(Pilipino Star Ngayon)

An example to this was when he said his belief which directly contradicts the stand of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

In a previous report, the journalist stated that exploration in Benham Rise can also be done by Filipino scientists unlike the belief of Roque that it can just be done with the help from the Chinese government.

Just recently, with the upcoming premiere of ‘Citizen Jake’ as Atom Araullo’s first movie, which tackles political issues during the Marcos regime, he admitted that he co-wrote the script of the film.

Based on the article recently published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, the movie had a screening in the University of the Philippines, which was graced by the main casts of the movie, its director Mike De Leon as well as the educators and those who were victims of Marcos’ dictatorship.

Atom Araullo/Ferdinand Marcos

Araullo openly said that he stands by what he co-wrote for the film regarding the corruption in the government and the people behind it.

“I was a co-writer. It’s a work of fiction but it has a strong message. So, we stand by what the film says,” he said.

With this conviction, the journalist also said that he is ready to face the reactions of people who might get offended for expressing his point of views especially the family of the former President.

“I think our history is our best teacher. We have gone through the dark period of our history, and that kind of those stories are taught in school. We built monuments. We remember the people who sacrifice themselves their lives, their families, fighting the dictatorship. That is not apt for debate. This is an established historical fact. So, I don’t see anything controversial with that.”

That was the statement of Atom Araullo, based on the article.


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