Will The Philippines Look Like This In Duterte Administration? (Video)


Futuristic Philippines In Duterte Administration?

Futuristic Philippines – As the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be taking office on June 30, can the Duterte administration transform the Philippines into a fast-progressing country?

Futuristic Philippines

President Duterte, in previous reports already vowed to the Philippine business environment will be “leveled” making it good for all. According to a report by Manila Bulletin, Pres. Duterte’s Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez answered the questions of the business community.

“Good governance will be delivered, corporate taxes will be lowered, the negative list for investments will be relaxed as far as constitutionally possible, [and] infrastructure will be built,” Dominguez said.

He also said that doing business will be improved as global standards will be practiced. With that, he appealed to the business sector to help the upcoming administration with the new and right standards in using government’s achievements that would be beneficial to the “poor and low-income families” in the Philippines.

From Duterte’s campaign before the elections, he has been declaring that his administration will end crime and corruption after three to six months after sitting. According to him, this would cause the progress of the country.

With that, will the Philippines really transform into a really progressive country during and after the Duterte administration?

A video uploaded on YouTube by Jun Gutierrez shows the “Future Philippines”.

The said video is a collection of a futuristic Philippines showing massive world-class infrastructures like the Ortigas Interchange, Makati City, Quiapo Bridge, and more. There is also a futuristic NLEX together with a bullet train. Also a circling road in Baguio City.

The video urges Filipinos to dream “larger than life”. It added that the progress is all about governance and the “people” involved doing the “right” things. The message of the video added that people must vote for the “RIGHT” people. For the love of the country.

The video ended with the famous Filipino phrase, “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas”.

Now, can the Duterte administration make these long-time dreams a reality?

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