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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Tito Sotto Says No ‘Transman’, ‘Transwoman’ in Dictionary, Netizens React

The statement of Tito Sotto that there are no transman and transwoman in any dictionary elicits reactions from netizens Senate President Tito Sotto stated that...
cabinet members 2019

CABINET MEMBERS of the Philippines (2019 Updated List w/ Photos)

Here is the 2019 updated list of Cabinet Members of the Philippines (with photos) President Rodrigo Duterte first announced his set of Cabinet Members right...
Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas Possibly Spent Biggest Amount For Campaign w/ P179 Million

Mar Roxas, as of now, has the highest amount of expenditures during Election 2019 campaign Liberal Party Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas possibly spent the highest...
vico sotto robert eusebio

Vico Sotto Reveals Eusebio’s Supporters Who Protested Texted Him

Robert Eusebio's supporters texted Vico Sotto while they were protesting Newly-elected Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto revealed that some of the supporters of his opponent...
agot isidro

Agot Isidro Expresses Dismay On Election 2019 Result

Here is the thought of Agot Isidro regarding the recently-concluded Election 2019 Singer-actress Agot Isidro expressed her dismay on the Election 2019 result through her...
Sharon Cuneta Chet Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta Accuses Her Brother Chet Cuneta’s Running Mate “Traitor”

Chet Cuneta's running mate is "traitor", according to Sharon Cuneta Megastar Sharon Cuneta accused the running mate of her brother Chet Cuneta as a traitor...
mike enriquez frustration on election results

Mike Enriquez Voiced Out Frustration On Election Results, Netizens React

Mike Enriquez obviously did not like the results of Election 2019 GMA's Veteran journalist, Mike Enriquez voiced out his frustration on the result of the...
election 2019 unofficial results

ELECTION 2019: Senatorial Race Partial, Unofficial Results

Here is the senatorial race partial, unofficial results for Election 2019 ELECTION 2019 (UPDATED) - The Commission on Election released this partial and unofficial result...
election 2019 hotlines

Election 2019: List Of Hotlines For Election-Related Incidents

Here are the hotlines for election-related incidents this Election 2019 ELECTION 2019 - This is the list of hotlines that people can contact for election-related...
election 2019 celebrities endorsing senators

ELECTION 2019: Celebrities Revealed Their Senatorial Picks

Several celebrities revealed their senatorial picks for Election 2019 Prominent celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry revealed their senatorial picks for Election 2019. It is...
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