Toyota Wigo VS. Mitsubishi Mirage, Which Is Much Better?


Toyota Wigo VS. Mitsubishi Mirage

Toyota Wigo and Mitsubishi Mirage are two of the most popular vehicles in the world, this article shows the difference between the two famous car brands.

The decision in buying a famous car brand can be difficult when two cars fall under the same price bracket. The owner must think several times and requires to consider a lot of things before making a decision in buying a car.

Here’s a comparison between the famous Toyota Wigo and Mitsubishi Mirage over the Engine, Safety, Comfort, Dimension, Infotainment, and Price to help buyers in making their decision.

Toyota Wigo


Toyota has 1 KR-FE I-line 3CYL 12V DOHC engine with a power (PS/rpm) of 65/6000. Its Torque (Nm/rpm) 85/3600, and has transmission 4-Speed A/T. While, Mitsubishi Mirage has an engine of 1.2L In-line 3CYL 12V DOHC with a power of 78/6000, has a torque of 100/4000 and has a CVT transmission.


Wigo has a driver and passenger airbag, ABS, anti-theft system with immobilizer, and no brake overdrive system. Mirage has a driver and passenger airbag, no ABS, no anti-theft system with immobilizer, but has a brake overdrive system.


Toyota has manual air-con system, fabric seat, power windows, electronic power steering, while Mitsubishi has also the same features when it comes to the comfort of the vehicle.

Toyota Wigo
Toyota Wigo


Wigo is 1,520mm in height, 3600mm in length, 1620mm width, 2450mm wheelbase, and 180mm ground clearance. Mirage is 1500mm in height, 3, 710mm in length, 1, 665mm in width, 2, 450mm wheelbase, and 160 mm ground clearance.


Wigo has 2-DIN audio system, aux/USB, CD/MP3/iPod connectivity, and has a Bluetooth, while Mirage has navigation-ready display audio system, aux/USB, AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod connectivity, and has also a Bluetooth.


Despite the differences in feature most of the buyer looks at the price when buying a car. The price between these two famous car brands has little differences. Toyota Wigo has a price of P561, 000, while Mitsubishi Mirage is a little bit expensive with a price of P583, 000.

Toyota Wigo
Mitsubishi Mirage


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