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Self-Healing Textile Discoveredvideo

Self-Healing Textile Discovered By Scientists (Video)

Self-Healing Textile Discovered By Scientists Self-Healing Textile Discovered - Scientists have discovered a new kind of textile that has a “self-healing” property like nothing like...

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Fold & Galaxy S10 Lineup

Here are the amazing features of Samsung Galaxy Fold & S10 lineup Samsung will set a new standard...

Galaxy Note 10 – Samsung’s Latest Smartphone Release

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 worth your budget? You decide! Galaxy Note 10 is the latest smartphone releases...

Twitter Removes Thousands of Accounts For Spreading Disinformation Using their Platform

Twitter announce last Friday, September 20, that the company permanently suspended thousands of existing accounts in its ongoing effort to fight the...
seach algorithms

SEARCH ALGORITHMS: How It Works On Your Search Engines?

Although there's a lot of information on the web, it would be difficult for you to find what you need without...
motorolaone zoom

MotorolaOne Zoom | Latest Smartphone Release from Motorola

This phone has a high-resolution optical zoom and ultra-wide angle lenses. Is this phone fits your budget? MotorolaOne...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Now On Android And iOS, Free To Download

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go - The famous game and cartoon, Pokemon was recently been released on Android and iPhone’s iOS. Nintendo, the developer of Gameboy where Pokemon...
social media tips facebook

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: 13 Things You Should Remove From Facebook

Here are the things that you should remove from Facebook as part of useful social media tips The...
Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi to Release Mi Mix Alpha with 108MP camera

Why is it that Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is "the future of camera phones"? Let's look at its features.

ECOSIA: What to Know About This Eco-friendly Search Engine

Ever wonder what a search engine can do? Try this one! ECOSIA.org is a search engine that plants...
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