Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes Following US Move


Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 – Just like the United States, Japan bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from all airplanes in the country regarding the risk of explosi0ns reported recently after its release.

In a report by ABS-CBN, the transport ministry of Japan made the announcement during the weekend after an earlier warning asking airlines to warn passengers to turn off or to not charge their smartphones in an airplane.

During the weekend, the aviation authorities have already ordered airlines to completely ban the specific devices in order to prevent any risks.

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7

The said move by Japan was done after the US Transport authorities have issued an emergency order to ban the said devices while onboard any aircraft. Fines and confiscation can be faced by people if they insisted bringing the devices onboard.

In Japan, the penalties were still not specified for the country’s biggest airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines if a passenger can be found carrying the said smartphone.

Takuya Shimoguchi of Japan Airlines, in the report, have said that passengers could choose to “board planes without their Note 7 phone or the airline would confiscate it.”

But, he clarified that there are still no specific instructions on how to penalize people who would violate the said order, and said that they will “act on a case-by-case basis”.

Countries like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea have also implemented a complete ban on these devices.

The report added that most mainland Chinese airlines have also banned the device from being transported or being carried by passengers aboard.

Singapore Airlines and the two biggest airlines in Taiwan, China Airlines, and EVA Air have also banned the carrying of these smartphones.

To add, Malaysia-based airline AirAsia already banned the devices, while the Philippine-based Cebu Pacific is also planning to ban the device on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics has offered replacements or refunds of the said devices after reports of expl0ding batteries and extreme heating, which caused injuries to some users.

Samsung already stopped the production of the said device.


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