Raffy Tulfo In Action’s TULFONE Now Available


After it was given to Alexander Gutal, the Raffy Tulfo In Action’s TULFONE Flare S7 was currently available as one of the merchandise.

Instagram photo from RTIA Merchandise

In an Instagram post from Raffy Tulfo In Action (RTIA) Merchandise, the price of the said smartphone starts at PHP 3,999.


The RTIA’s TULFONE has two color variants available: black and white. This smartphone is a fully-customized Cherry Mobile Flare S7.


The TULFONE Flare S7 comes with a Raffy Tulfo in Action branding at the bottom of the back part of the smartphone, a “Tulfie” photo app where you can take a selfie with Raffy Tulfo himself, and exclusive Tulfo ringtones and wallpapers.


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