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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


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macbook air

MacBook Air | The “Greenest” MacBook Release from Apple

Is MacBook Air fits on your budget? You can order it now! The new thinner and lighter MacBook...

Photography Hacks For Mobile Phones With Professional-Like Results

Here are some of the photography hacks for mobile phones that have professional-like results These photography hacks for...
Yoga C940

Yoga C940 | Upcoming 2-in-1 Laptop Release from Lenovo

Lenovo has its upcoming 2-in-1 laptop release. Is it worth your budget? Yoga C940 is one of the...

GPD P2 Max | The “World’s Smallest Ultrabook” Release from GPD

Although the body of GPD P2 Max is small, it still has some surprising features. And it's not what you expect!
surface pro 7

Microsoft reveals Surface Pro 7 during the #MicrosoftEvent

Why is it that this device can "stand out from the ordinary"? Let's look at its features! Surface...
top 5

TOP 5 Mobile Phones That Come With Very High Radiation

Top 5 mobile phones that comes with very high radiation poses a mark into the human health. TOP 5 - There are five mobile phones...
galaxy book flex

Samsung launches Galaxy Book Flex during Samsung Developer Conference 2019

Why is it that this Galaxy Book may be considered as “a powerful, portable, premium 2-in-1”? Let’s look at its features!
apple's special event

Apple’s Special Event | What to Expect from Apple

Apple's innovation took the stage for their latest announcement. What can you expect? Apple's Special Event - Apple...
oppo k5

OPPO Officially Launch OPPO K5 in China

Why is it that OPPO K5 is "dust and splash resistant"? Let's look at its features! OPPO officially...
overheating phone ways to cool down

Overheating Phone: Ways To Cool Down Your Mobile Phone

Here are the ways to cool down your overheating phone You must know these ways to cool down...
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