Top 10 Teleportation Caught on Camera


There are things and events that even science can’t explain but is happening to the real world like what they call teleportation. Like someone or something suddenly appears out of nowhere and someone just standing and vanished like a vapor in the thin air. There are some videos that have been recorded and strolling over the internet about this extraordinary happenings. But there are some saying that none of these are real and it is just made for the marketing campaign of other companies for their products.

Technologies have grown so far latest inventions that could make the impossible be possible. Some companies that develop gadgets like cellphones and another awesome tech that would make your mind blown have the ambition to create something that can make teleportation possible to help transportation be easier and convenient. There are studies that teleportation is being developed and are ready to use but not for sending people to the other side of the globe or into other dimensions. This study is called quantum teleportation. 

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