Video Of Man Allegedly Bumped Himself Intentionally To A Car Goes Viral


A video of man on Facebook who allegedly bumped himself intentionally to a car went viral and netizens has one interpretation to this.

A video of a man allegedly bumped himself intentionally to an approaching car recently went viral.

The said incident was posted in the Facebook account of Hitori Tanaka on February 12, 2018.

It was captioned with “kawawa naman si manong”, the phrase intended to draw sympathy for the said man in the video.

bumped man
(screen shot from Hitori Tanaka FB account)

On the other hand, the reactions of the netizens were contrary to this because they commented against to the alleged “victim” in the incident.

Apparently, the video was taken from CCTV footage. It can be seen that the man was first at the side of the street and when the car passed along a post, he passed between the car and the post which was obviously a narrow way.

His body bumped the side of the car and he fell on the ground, aching for the pain he felt on his right leg.

A woman in the car went out and got near to him. There was a conversation after the woman helped the man to sit on the side of the street.

Few moments later, the woman took something from a man on the driver’s side and gave it to the man which they “accidentally bumped”.

The conversation ended and the man stood up crippling for the “pain” he felt.

Netizens had a unison interpretation for what they saw in the video. For them it was just an act of getting advantage innocent people.

There was a lot who said that it was just a modus operandi and the man intentionally bumped himself to the car to get money.

The said video has already reached 2.4 million views, 32 thousand reactions, more than 33 thousand shares and received 20 thousand comments, as of the writing.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.



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