Watch: Goat Born With No Hind Legs Still Keeps Moving For Life


Goat Born With No Hind Legs But Still Walks

A goat born without hind legs shows as an inspiration to everyone as the goat looked really determined and reached six months by just walking on its forelegs.

goat no hind legs

According to an article in The Mirror, the goat was born last December without both its hind legs and mostly the rear part of its body was not developed. This really made its owners doubting if the animal would survive.

But, the goat proved everyone wrong for it lasted even having a disability has become a “strong walker” using its two feet.

In an article written on Daily Mail by Sophie Williams, it said that the breeders were from the forest farm in Xinping Yi Dai Autonomous County in the southwest of Yunnan Province in China. According to the reports, the breeders were shocked seeing that the goat is deformed and are more surprised when they saw that goat can walk using its two legs in the first week of its birth.

The owner said that the young goat just learned how to balance itself and to walk using its two front legs alone. The goat seems not minding its difference from the other goats.

In the video below, it can be seen that the goat seems to be happy joining the other goats even just using its two front legs.

Local veterinarians said that the mother goat may have been injured in the abdomen part before the baby goat was born. But, this is just still a speculation.

Now, local villagers are being amused by this goat and many have been taking photos of it.

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