Man Hysterically Takes His Chicks Back To Its Home


Man hysterically took his chicks back to its home by way of calling it in a hilarious manner. The person in the said video was Robin “Dondon” Gallego.

Man Hysterically
Screenshot From Uploaded Posts of Ace Cabanlit and Surigaonon

In a Facebook video from ‎Ace Cabanlit‎ that was uploaded last November 24, he posted a video where a man named Dondon hysterically called its chicks in order to return into its home. As of this writing, his post already has 10k shares, 288K views, and hundreds of reactions.

“QUIBS ng INITAO!” as captioned by Ace Cabanlit in his post. He even mentioned a lot of his friends just to watch his uploaded video.

In the same video that was re-uploaded by Surigaonon, it reached 16k shares, 3.5k reactions, and hundreds of comments as of this writing. In addition, it also reached 383K views.

Ito kaya pauwiin sa bahay ang mga sisiw. 😂😂 Thanks to Ace Cabanlit and Aegies Eau Neri,” as captioned by Surigaonon in the said video. “Nasa video si Robin “Dondon” Gallego At ALC/AGN Aquarius Game farm.

Based on the comments section of both videos that were uploaded on Facebook, Dondon was dubbed as “Katapat ni Quiboloy“.

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