Netizen Uploaded Actual Video During Bombing Incident At Initao College


Netizen uploaded a video during the bombing incident that happened at Initao College in Misamis Oriental on Thursday, November 28.

Netizen uploaded
Screenshot from videos uploaded by Joys Choice Gelogo and Daisy Joe Bagares Halibas

In a Facebook video that was uploaded by Joys Choice Gelogo, a lot of police officers were present inside the campus of Initao College in Misamis Oriental. These police officers already eyed a suspect wearing a striped polo, pants, and a small bag with a grenade inside.

When the grenade went out of the suspect’s bag, P/MSg. Jason Magno was trying to save the students of the said school by way of absorbing the grenade, resulting in his death. A police officer quickly killed the suspect who carried the grenade inside the campus.

Netizen uploaded
Screenshot from video uploaded by Joys Choice Gelogo. You can visit her Facebook account to see the actual video footage.

Here’s the actual footage of Initao College, where our true hero Jason Magno was trying to save students from bomb,” Joys Choice Gelogo captioned her uploaded video. “My heartfelt condolences to your Family circle.

A netizen uploaded a video before the said shootout. In a Facebook video from Daisy Joe Bagares Halibas, the suspect was trying to throw the grenade near the school facility.

Netizen uploaded
Screenshot from a video uploaded by Daisy Joe Bagares Halibas. You can visit her Facebook account to see the actual video footage.

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