Monday, October 3, 2022

News5 Apologized to Vice Ganda over Fake ‘Iringan’ Report

News5 Apologized to Vice Ganda Over Fake 'Iringan' with Marian Rivera Report TV5 networks' News5 apologized to comedian Vice Ganda after slammed due to their...

Vice Ganda Slams News5 Over Fake Issue with Marian Rivera

Vice Ganda Slams Report of News5 About His Alleged Issue with Marian River The Unkabogable star Vice Ganda took twitter to slam the report of...

Chavit Singson, Manny Pacquiao Reconcile After Months of Feud

Chavit Singson, Manny Pacquiao Ended and Reunited Again Former presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao reunited against with his friend former Narvacan Mayor Chavit Singson. After a few...

Uncle Roger Criticizes Pinoy Chicken Adobo of Food Network

Uncle Roger Criticized Food Network for Their Style of Cooking Pinoy Chicken Adobo UNCLE ROGER - Internet star Nigel Ng criticizes the Pinoy chicken adobo...

Broadcaster Who Once Challenge Duterte Arrested for Cyberlibel

Broadcaster Who Previously Challenge Duterte for Gunfight Arrested for Cyberlibel A local radio broadcaster who once challenge former President Rodrigo Duterte for gunfight arrested after...

Imee Marcos Advice MiM Director Darryl Yap to be More Controlled

Senator Imee Marcos Told Mim Director Darryl Yap to be More Controlled DARRYL YAP- The controversial director of Maid In Malacañang was advised by Senator...

Agot Isidro to Politicians Who Likes to Party: “Sarap Kutusan”

Agot Isidro Slams to Politicians Who Like to Party Amid Pandemic Veteran actress Agot Isidro airs dismay to politicians who allegedly like to party while...

‘Maid In Malacañang, ‘Katips’ Films are ‘Basura’ Says Jay Altarejos

Jay Altarejos Called ‘Maid In Malacañang, ‘Katips’ Films ‘Basura’ The award-winning director Jay Altarejos expressed his reactions to the two martial law films 'Maid...

2 Cousins of Jovelyn Galleno Involved in Her Death

Alleged Death of Jovelyn Galleno Involves 2 of Her Cousins JOVELYN GALLENO COUSINS - Two (2) relatives of the missing graduating criminology student was allegedly...

Letter of Ninoy Aquino Praising Imelda Marcos Resurface Online

Letter of Ninoy Aquino For Imelda Marcos Elicits Reactions The alleged letter of late senator Ninoy Aquino written for former first lady Imelda Marcos went...
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