Jollibee Chicken Joy dubbed ‘Chicken Sad’ by Netizens

Jollibee Chicken Joy Turns to Chicken Sad

Netizens were left disappointed when they received their orders of Jollibee Chicken Joy, as the contents of the meal pack were unexpectedly lacking. This incident adds to the growing number of mishaps observed in orders from various fast-food chains in the country, highlighting a stark contrast in the size of what one netizen received. Expressing … Read more

Netizens Were Shocked by the Unexpected Content of a Famous Juice Drink

Zest O

Drinking juice is one of the common ways Filipinos quench their thirst and enjoy delicious flavors. One of the well-known brands for this is Zest-O, famous for its apple-flavored juice drinks. However, recently, controversy arose after a netizen named Czarlnn Sanchez Jeong posted about the content of a tetra pack of juice drink. In her … Read more

Kathryn Bernardo’s OOTD at Taylor Swift’s Era Concert Trending

Kathryn Bernardo New Outfit

Kathryn Bernardo’s outfit at Taylor Swift’s Era concert is currently making waves, earning praise from thousands of fans. Many were surprised and impressed by Kathryn Bernardo’s ensemble, which consisted of black boots, a silver mini skirt, and an oversized Taylor Swift t-shirt. In a recent episode of Cristy Fermin’s vlog, it was discussed how Kathryn … Read more

Ambeth Ocampo Meets Veronica Balayo his Mother Resemblance

Ambeth Ocampo Veronica Balayo Meeting

Renowned Filipino historian Ambeth Ocampo recently had a remarkable encounter with a museum visitor from Davao City, Veronica Balayo, who garnered attention on social media for her striking resemblance to Ocampo’s late mother, Belen Ocampo. The serendipitous meeting took place at the National Museum, where Veronica stumbled upon a portrait of Belen Ocampo, known as … Read more

Aiko Melendez Freaks Out After Eating a Cockroach in a Vlog

Aiko Melendez

In one of Agassi Ching’s vlogs, he invited Aiko Melendez to their house, claiming that his mother is a big fan of Aiko. However, before they could even enter the house, Agassi conspired with Aiko to prank his mother. His mother believed that Aiko was unaware of the prank, but the truth was that Aiko … Read more

Veronica Goes Viral After Sharing Resemblance to Portrait in the National Museum of Fine Arts

Veronica Reincarnation

Veronica has taken the internet by storm after she shared a portrait she stumbled upon at the National Museum of Fine Arts, revealing an astonishing resemblance to the woman depicted in the artwork. The uncanny similarity has ignited discussions about reincarnation and serendipity, turning Veronica into an overnight sensation. Veronica expressed her disbelief at the … Read more