Viral Video of a Road Rage Incident Involving Allegedly Drunk Men

Latest Road Rage Video

Recently, another road rage incident has made headlines after a video depicting a bizarre incident on the road went viral. In the past few weeks, news reports have been buzzing about a road rage incident involving a car driver and a biker. This incident resulted in the alleged former police officer’s driver’s license being canceled. … Read more

The Unusual and Funny Way of Spelling a Birthday Greeting Went Viral

Birthday Greetings

In today’s digital age, celebrating birthdays and special occasions has taken on a new twist in the Philippines. One emerging trend that has captured the imagination of many is the use of creative tarpaulin greetings, often displayed on social media platforms like Facebook. These unique greetings not only convey warm wishes but also showcase the … Read more

Senator Imee Marcos’s Facial Expression Goes Viral as President Bongbong Marcos Addresses Rice Price Cap

Imee Marcos Reactio On Bong Bong Marcos Price Cap

Netizens were captivated by Imee Marcos’s reaction as Bongbong Marcos spoke before the media regarding the imposed price cap on rice, intended for a few. Imee appeared displeased with her sibling’s statements. The skyrocketing price of rice, which reached over 60 pesos per kilo, has become the talk of the town and headline news. Most … Read more

A Thief Uses a Magic Trick to Steal the Necklace from the Shelf

Thief Stole Necklace Using Magic

It is surprising and hard to believe what a thief did to obtain a necklace found on a shelf. This incident went viral and reached 8.1 million views in a video. In the video, we can see a man engaging in conversation with a jeweler, seemingly offering a piece of jewelry. Shortly after, he displayed … Read more