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Monday, December 6, 2021

Lola’s 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Leaves Netizens In Awe

Lola's 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Wows Netizens WITH AGE, COMES BEAUTY – A Lola's 90-Year-Old photoshoot for her birthday went viral on social media, redefining perceptions of beauty. According to an article from CDN, the 90-year-old Lola was known as Aquilina S. Cabahug. Despite her age, Cabahug showed that beauty does come with age. The photographer, Michael Chan said that this was the first...

Gigantic 2000-Year-Old Cat Discovered Chilling In Ancient Heritage Site

Gigantic 2000-Year-Old Cat Discovered In Peru's Heritage Site GIGANTIC 2000-YEAR-OLD CAT DISCOVERED – Scientists have recently found an ancient geoglyph of a large cat in the Nazca desert in Peru. Geoglyphs are similar to hieroglyphs, but instead, they're etched on the ground, rather than on the walls. Furthermore, these designs and figures are often large, encompassing a wide area on the...

Almost 300K Signed For #AcademicFreeze Petition

Almost 300K Signed Petition For #AcademicFreeze ACADEMICFREEZE – As thousands of more students begin blended learning, AcademicFreezeNow became the top trending topic on social media with almost 300K signed up for #AcademicFreeze. Since the implementation of online and blended learning schemes, both students and teachers have voiced out several complaints. Students have voiced out that they are being overworked and...

Pomeranian Pranked By Owner, Gets Mad After Only Given 2 Biscuits

Pomeranian Pranked By Owner Goes Viral For Angry Protest POMERANIAN PRANKED BY OWNER – A cute Pomeranian went viral on social media for his angry reaction to a prank done by its owner. Obviously, pranks can definitely be fun for both the pranker and the victim. However, this balance is really hard to pull off, especially if the one you're trying...

Journalists Slam YouTuber For Spreading Misinformation About PH History

Journalists Slam YouTuber Sangkay Janjan TV For Spreading Misinformation JOURNALISTS SLAM YOUTUBER – A pro-Marcos "YouTube Historian" has left veteran journalists concerned as he continues to spread misinformation about the Philippines' history. Since he started his pro-Marcos content, YouTuber Sangkay Janjan TV has amassed a large following of over 450,000 subscribers. As such, veteran journalist Kevin Manalo expressed major concern regarding...

Gucci Jeans With Fake Grass Stains Sold For P60,000

Gucci Jeans With Fake Grass Stains Sold For $1,650 GUCCI JEANS WITH FAKE GRASS STAINS – Gucci has been known for their innovative products, however, its new line of jeans are about to make history. Obviously, you could never know what would happen to fashion trends as time goes by. So, why not start your own trend? This is what Gucci...

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Wants To Fight Driver

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Video Goes Viral BARANGAY OFFICIALS CONFISCATES KEYS – A video of a barangay official confiscating the keys of a Grab driver went viral on social media. There was a commotion on a checkpoint where a barangay official confiscated the keys of a driver. As such, the Grab driver began filming. However, upon filming, the...

Malaysian Man Loses Phone, Finds It With Video Selfies From Monkeys

Malaysian Man Loses Phone, Finds It Full Of Selfies From Monkeys MALAYSIAN MAN LOSES PHONE – Among the most common things that have happened to us is losing our phones, but what's not common is finding it with monkeys. According to a report from Reuters, a man from Malaysia had such an incident. Apparently, this man fell asleep and woke up...

The Voice Behind MTRCB Announcement – It’s Not Charo Santos

Inka Magnaye Reveals The Voice Behind The Iconic MTRCB Announcement MTRCB ANNOUNCEMENT – In the Philippines, each and every show begins with an announcement from the MTRCB, but who exactly is the voice behind it? One of the most curious things we never thought about knowing was the voices behind these iconic spiels. If somebody grew up in the Philippines or...

Woman Slaps, Spits On Passenger For Saying She Should Wear Mask

Woman Slaps, Spits On Passenger Urging Her To Wear Face Masks WOMAN SLAPS, SPITS ON PASSENGER – A woman alleged slapped and spat on a passenger that told her to wear a mask inside public transport. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, one of the protocols enforced in the Philippines was wearing face masks when we're in public. For several months now, this...
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