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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gucci Jeans With Fake Grass Stains Sold For P60,000

Gucci Jeans With Fake Grass Stains Sold For $1,650 GUCCI JEANS WITH FAKE GRASS STAINS – Gucci has been known for their innovative products, however, its new line of jeans are about to make history. Obviously, you could never know what would happen to fashion trends as time goes by....

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Wants To Fight Driver

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Video Goes Viral BARANGAY OFFICIALS CONFISCATES KEYS – A video of a barangay official confiscating the keys of a Grab driver went viral on social media. There was a commotion on a checkpoint where a barangay official confiscated the keys of a driver....

Malaysian Man Loses Phone, Finds It With Video Selfies From Monkeys

Malaysian Man Loses Phone, Finds It Full Of Selfies From Monkeys MALAYSIAN MAN LOSES PHONE – Among the most common things that have happened to us is losing our phones, but what's not common is finding it with monkeys. According to a report from Reuters, a man from Malaysia had...

The Voice Behind MTRCB Announcement – It’s Not Charo Santos

Inka Magnaye Reveals The Voice Behind The Iconic MTRCB Announcement MTRCB ANNOUNCEMENT – In the Philippines, each and every show begins with an announcement from the MTRCB, but who exactly is the voice behind it? One of the most curious things we never thought about knowing was the voices behind...

Woman Slaps, Spits On Passenger For Saying She Should Wear Mask

Woman Slaps, Spits On Passenger Urging Her To Wear Face Masks WOMAN SLAPS, SPITS ON PASSENGER – A woman alleged slapped and spat on a passenger that told her to wear a mask inside public transport. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, one of the protocols enforced in the Philippines was wearing...

Stray Dog Helps Actor Pretending To Be Dead (VIDEO)

Stray Dog Interrupts Performance And Helps Actor Pretending To Be Dead STRAY DOG HELPS ACTOR – Dogs have always been known for their innate senses, especially when it comes to helping humans. Recently, a stray street dog went viral as it interrupted a performance just to help an actor who...

Husky Shiba Inu Viral For Purposely Ruining Group Photos

Husky Shiba Inu Goes Viral On Social Media For Ruining Group Pictures HUSKY SHIBA INU VIRAL – Shiba Inus and Huskys are probably one of the most popular dog breeds due to their unique and playful personalities. Although individually, these dog breeds offer a lot of amazing moments, combining them...

Husband Greets “Happy Birthday” To Girl On FB, Let’s Family Celebrate It

Husband Greets "Happy Birthday" To Girl His Wife Hates, Wife Does This HUSBAND GREETS HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Some wives can get jealous, especially when it comes to other girls. Sadly, this husband had an unfortunate day after his wife caught him greeting the girl that she hates a "happy birthday"...

Pranksters In Valenzuela Arrested For Putting Friend In Sack To Play Dead

Pranksters In Valenzuela Arrested For Pulling Dead Body In Sack Prank PRANKSTERS ARRESTED – Four young men from Valenzuela City, Philippines were arrested for trying to prank passerby in an area in Barangay Paso de Blas. Pranks have been a staple way to get viral on social media. However, some...

Netizen Slams Medical Staff Who Leaked Lloyd Cadena’s Death

Netizen Slams Medical Staff Leak On Lloyd Cadena's Death Says Person Should Be Suspended NETIZEN SLAMS MEDICAL STAFF – A netizen on Facebook slammed the medical staff who leaked information regarding Lloyd Cadena's death. Recently, fans and friends of social media influencer Lloyd Cafe Cadena were shocked to find...
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