Kindergarten Teacher Goes Viral for Showing Different Claps

Kindergarten Teacher Showing Students Different Claps Goes Viral A lovely video of a kindergarten teacher showing her students the different types of claps goes viral and earns reactions online. Many teachers are now creating instructional and entertaining films for social media platforms. They can share their knowledge with the online community and their face-to-face students. … Read more

Teacher on TikTok Drew Flak for Filming Beautiful Morena Student

Netizens Call Out Teacher for Posting Beautiful Morena Student on TikTok Raging netizens called out a Tiktoker teacher for allegedly filming and posting his beautiful morena student on TikTok. Nowadays, many people are becoming content creators on various social media sites. Among them are teachers. The number of school teachers who are turning into social … Read more

Leni Robredo Visited All Places in Philippines Goes Viral

Leni Robredo Wows Netizens After She Shares She Visited All Places in Philippines Former vice president Atty Leni Robredo wows netizens after sharing that she visited all the places in the Philippines. Recently, an online test called “My Philippines Travel” has gone viral on social media. A map of the Philippines can be displayed during … Read more

Russian National Sells Bottled Water in Cebu After Victimized by Thief

Russian National in Cebu Seeks Help after Loses Valuables from a Thief A poor Russian national in Cebu seeks help on the street after he loses all his valuables after being victimized by a thief. A concerned Facebook user named John Carlo Villaruel shared the awful situation of a Russian national requesting assistance on the … Read more

Teacher Gave Birth to 3 Children in the Same Month and Day

Teacher Can’t Believed That Her 3 Children Given Birth in the Same Month and Day A teacher went viral on social media after she shared that she gave birth to her three (3) children in the same month and day. Pamn Cabaero, a Laguna teacher, posted on Facebook that she couldn’t believe all three of … Read more

Woman Found Father who Left Them 22 Years Ago, But Ignore Her

Woman Found Father Inside Church After 22 Years But Denied Her A woman TikTok user shared a heartbreaking encounter with her father after she found him inside the church. Xyra Redulla posted on her TikTok account that she met her father again in a church after 22 years. But, unlike in drama films and teleseryes, … Read more

Generous Teacher Treats Students with Jollibee Meals Earns Praise

Generous Teacher Goes Viral After Treating Students with Jollibee Meals The online community praises a generous teacher after he treated his students will meals from the famous fast-food chain Jollibee. Some people, especially kids, have what can be called an all-time favorite restaurant—Jollibee. Most children in the Philippines enjoy eating items from the Jollibee menu. … Read more

Joseph Morong Shares Heartbreaking Story of a Lolo and a Boy

Joseph Morong was Touched by the Story of a Lolo Feeding a Boy GMA journalist Joseph Morong shared a heartbreaking story a lolo (elderly man) feeding a little boy in the street. Joseph Morong used Facebook to describe a situation that he saw firsthand in an unnamed location, rather than breaking news. A picture of … Read more

‘Harutan’ of Sandro Marcos, Aniela Tolentino in Congress Criticized

Sandro Marcos, Aniela Tolentino ‘Harutan’ in Congress Elicits Reactions The online community criticized the alleged ‘harutan’ of Senior Deputy Majority Leader Sandro Marcos Rep. Sandro Marcos at Rep. Aniela Tolentino. Netizens were not pleased with the viral video showing Tolentino, a representative from Cavite’s 8th District, and Marcos, the president’s son, having fun together. In … Read more

8 Must Try Foods that Went Viral on Tik-tok

Spicy vodka pasta

The most Hyped 8 Must Try Food Trends that Went Viral this Year 8 must try foods that go viral on Tik-tok as they are insane and they can also be unexpectedly entertaining and tasty. When anything achieves that kind of popularity, it is frequently duplicated hundreds of times by individuals who want to try … Read more