An Ostrich Danced While Following the Dance Moves Being Taught to it has Gone Viral

Dancing Ostrich

The ostrich, recognized as the largest bird in the world, originally hails from Africa. However, nowadays, many individuals and businesses raise them not just for their unique appearance and strength but also for their income-generating potential. Ostriches possess distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other animals. They have long legs and necks, with small … Read more

Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck Going Uphill Elicit Reactions

Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck While Going Uphill Elicit Reactions Video of a group of cyclists holding onto a wing van truck while going uphill elicits reactions from the online community. Riding uphill is one of the most difficult aspects of riding. It can be difficult, draining strength and quickness. Unfortunately, there is no … Read more

Voters Complained Defective VCMs, Votes Cast for BBM Goes to Leni

Votes Cast for BBM Allegedly Goes to Leni Due to Defective VCMs Voters in some parts of the Philippines complained about defective Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) where votes cast for Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM) go to VP Leni Robredo. Ilocos Norte, the said Marcos strongholds in Northern Luzon and Cavite are said to have … Read more

Senpai Kazu’s “Bakit May Toyo Ang Mga Babae?” Episode Goes Viral

Senpai Kazu's

Senpai Kazu’s “Bakit May Toyo Ang Mga Babae?” episode, where he was surveying random people inside the campus, went viral on his social media account. In Senpai Kazu’s Facebook post, he asked questions to selected students inside the campus at Mendiola. Here are the following questions: Bakit kaya tinotoyo ang mga babae? Bakit sa mga … Read more

[VIDEO] PH Streamer’s “Stars for a Cause” Went Viral

stars for a cause

Edgar Dumali (also known as CHoOx TV), together with his moderators, started “Stars for a Cause” last November 2, 2019. His video went viral as he bought various goods through the use of its total collection of star donations from his “Stars for a Cause” program. Star Donations Minutes after his stream, he presented his … Read more

David Pomeranz’s “Born For You” Lyrics & Video

David Pomeranz

Lyrics & Video of Timeless Lovesong “Born For You” by David Pomeranz DAVID POMERANZ – Here are the lyrics and the lyric video of the timeless lovesong Born For You by American singer David Pomeranz. Every year, there are a lot of love songs added on the long list. But, undeniably, there are these songs … Read more