Baron Geisler Urges Filipinos To Love & Unite

Baron Geisler has a message to his fellow Filipinos. Former star of the popular youth-oriented variety show “Ang TV,” Baron Geisler urged his fellow Filipinos to love, unite, and pray as the country is getting worse, noting that many people are pulling each other down, especially the people who are into social media. The “Nathaniel” actor took … Read more

Maria Ozawa Enjoys Riding Jeepney In The Philippines (Video)

Maria Ozawa rides a jeepney in the Philippines. Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa, who is currently based in the Philippines, enjoys riding Jeepney. The 30-year-old Ozawa took a jeepney, a popular means of transportation in the country, going to Circuit Makati. Maria Ozawa described the experience as a “dream come true.” She even posted … Read more