SUMMER TIPS: 6 Important Things To Bring In Going For Summer Trip

Summer Tips Things To Bring

List of 6 Summer Tips on What To Bring With You SUMMER TIPS – Here is a list of the six(6) things that you have to bring with you in going for a summer trip. It is now summer season in the Philippines – the season that is perfect for travels. Most Filipinos are surely … Read more

UNITED STATES: Do’s and Don’ts in Visiting the United States / USA

United States

Lists of the Do’s and Don’ts in Visiting the United States / U.S.A UNITED STATES – Here are the lists of the do’s and don’ts in visiting U.S.A. One of the countries that a lot of people desire to visit is the United States of America or U.S.A. Although it is not one of the … Read more

HOLY WEEK DESTINATIONS: 5 Places That Gather People During Holy Week

Holy Week Destinations

List of 5 Holy Week Destinations that Usually Gather People HOLY WEEK DESTINATIONS – Here is a list of five(5) places in the Philippines that a lot of people visit during the Holy Week. Now, the Philippines is observing one of the most popular religious events which is the Holy Week. It is in commemoration … Read more

PHILIPPINES’ FACTS: List of Fun Facts About the Philippines

Philippines' Facts & Trivias

List of Surprising Philippines’ Facts and Trivia PHILIPPINES’ FACTS & TRIVIA – Here is a list of the surprising facts and trivia about the Philippines. One of the most prominent countries across the globe is the Philippines. It is a Southeast Asian country that is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The … Read more

JAPAN: Lists Of Do’s and Don’ts You Must Consider In Visiting Japan


You and Your Loved Ones Must Consider these Do’s and Don’ts in Japan JAPAN – Here are the lists of the do’s and don’ts in visiting this beautiful East Asian country. One of the most beautiful countries in the world is Japan. This East Asian country lies off the Eastern coast of the Asian continent … Read more

TAGAYTAY: 5 Excellent Things To Do During Your Visit To Tagaytay


List of 5 Things You Can Do During Your Tagaytay Vacation TAGAYTAY – Here is a list of five(5) excellent things that you and your loved ones can do during your vacation in Tagaytay. The Philippines has so much to offer – top quality hotels, white sand beach resorts, spectacular mountain tops, sumptuous food, joyful … Read more

BEAUTIFUL RESORTS PHILIPPINES: 5 Must-Visit Spectacular Havens In PH

Beautiful Resorts Philippines

List of 5 Must-Visit Beautiful Resorts in the Philippines BEAUTIFUL RESORTS PHILIPPINES – Are you planning to spend some quality moments with your loved ones in a new, relaxing environment? Sometimes, all we need to get back on our productive and efficient state is a break away from our daily routine. Travel undeniably gives a … Read more

UK TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS: What You Need To Prepare In Applying

UK Tourist Visa Requirements

List of UK Tourist Visa Requirements You Will Need UK TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS – Here is a list of the requirements that you need to prepare in applying for a tourist visa to United Kingdom. There are a lot of visa-free countries now but there are still several nations that require for visa for entry. … Read more

CEBU TOURIST SPOTS: 5 Destinations You Should Not Miss During Your Visit

Cebu Tourist Spots

List of 5 Cebu Tourist Spots You Should Visit CEBU TOURIST SPOTS – Here is a list of five(5) tourist destinations that you and your family and friends should not miss during your visit to Cebu. One of the beautiful places to visit in the Philippines is Cebu. It is not only a home to … Read more