SSS MEMBER BENEFITS: List of Benefits of Being an SSS Member


List of Social Security System / SSS Member Benefits

SSS MEMBER BENEFITS – Here is a list of the benefits of being a member of the Social Security System.

A huge part of the populace in the Philippines are part of the Social Security System or more commonly called SSS. It is a government-run insurance program that offers a lot of benefits to its members.

Most of the members of SSS are employees in private sectors, self-employed individuals, and non-working people. If you have an SSS membership and is updated in paying for the monthly contribution, you may be entitled to a lot of benefits.

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SSS Member Benefits

Based on the official website of the Social Security System, aside from its loans which includes the SSS Salary Loan, SSS Housing Loan, and SSS Business Loan, here are the other SSS member benefits:


According to the social insurance institution, a member may be paid with a cash allowance during the time that he or she was not able to report to work due to sickness.


Female members of the SSS may be entitled to a daily cash allowance following a childbirth which causes the member to be unable to report to work.


An SSS member who became permanently disabled may be granted a monthly pension or a lump sum money.


Upon reaching 60 years old and a total of 120 monthly contribution, a senior citizen member of the social insurance program may be granted a monthly pension.


One of the SSS member benefits concerns about the passing of the member. His or her beneficiaries may be granted a monthly pension or a lump sum money.


The SSS gives a cash benefit to its deceased members. It is granted to someone who paid for the expenses during the burial of the member.

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