Duterte Inauguration on June 30 a Regular Working Day

The Malacanang Palace through outgoing Communications Secretary, Herminio “Sonny” Coloma said that the highly anticipated Duterte inauguration will be Regular Working Day. The announcement was released a day before the inauguration after numerous inquiries were posted on various social media sites about the status of June 30.

Duterte Malacanang

The camp of incoming President Rody Duterte also confirmed to the media through his closest aide Christopher Bong Go that the incoming President of the Republic will be flying to Manila from Davao City on Wednesday afternoon.

It is expected that a day before the scheduled inauguration, President Rody Duterte will be in Manila. The family of the former Davao City mayor were already in Manila as they arrived earlier than expected.

The inauguration of Duterte as the Philippines’ 16th president will be attended by a total of 627 guests, including the mayor’s longtime neighbor Pomilda Lu Daniels and various Davao city officials.

For the very first time in the history of presidential inauguration, the ceremony will be streamed live by the world’s largest social networking sites who earlier offered to use their facilities in order for all the Filipinos worldwide to witness the event.

Duterte’s inauguration as the 16th President of the Republic will also marked some of country’s first, he will be the first President from Mindanao, the oldest Philippine President who assumed office and the first candidate who won a national posts through volunteers and his millions of supporters on social media.